It's back to school, back to the system to be taught in 3D simulation!

This is the start of the new school year, an opportunity to come back to the "window washing robot" teaching system, a 3D simulator that we designed for DMS Education, allowing students to carry out practical work in a dematerialized manner on a virtual model.

The Window Washing Robot System is a communicating device for washing interior and exterior glass surfaces. It is held to the wall by means of a suction device and moves on the vertical surface by means of two caterpillar tracks.

A non-immersive virtual reality teaching system that allows the same practical activities to be carried out as the real system instrumented on a glass support.

This non-immersive virtual reality product allows :

- the internal functional and structural description of the system in 3D ;

- access to a description and technical documentation (fully configurable by teachers);

- the visualization of interactive 3D animations on the operation of the system ;

- the product is put into operation (like the real system) ;

- simulates the environment outside the robot, such as gravity, the presence or absence of a window sill, the inclination of the window, the state of dirt on the glass;

- simulation of actuator or sensor failures ;

- the plotting of physical quantities in real time (voltage, current, position, speeds etc...) ;

- programming the robot in Python or Matlab ;

The multi-station software is very light and has been designed to run on office PCs (not very powerful).

This reference may or may not include the commercially available window washing robot.

An innovative didactic system!

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