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Augmented reality at the service of heritage.

This summer, the AR/VR Fab, a centre of expertise in augmented reality and virtual reality, supported liO TER Occitanie in the deployment of two fun and educational experiments based on the concept of "Augmented Travel", which aims to promote the cultural, historical and natural heritage of the region.

The principle is simple: using a smartphone, travellers are offered an enriched experience in augmented reality before, during and after their journey.
The Occitanie region is once again a fertile ground for innovation because in just four months, thanks to the collaboration of two local start-ups, Numix and WeMap, and with the support of 574 Occitanie, passengers have been able to test the augmented track game in stations and the augmented orientation table on board the train.

The application Canari le Train Jaune, an augmented reality treasure hunt for the whole family.

Before the departure of the mythical Yellow Train in Villefranche - Vernet-les-bains station, travellers, young and old, have a mission: to find and "activate" four large yellow Totems present in the station thanks to the Canari le Train Jaune application, developed by Numix, a young Albigensian start-up and available on the Android and Apple stores. In a world similar to that of a video game, the application offers a simple, educational and fun journey, which tells the story of the Yellow Train, its engineering structures, and the fauna and flora of the Catalan Pyrenees Regional Nature Park that can be observed throughout the journey.

Available for free on App Store and Google Play:

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