Flood simulator on a hydroelectric dam

Crue Simulator VR is a virtual reality training in the management of flooded hydroelectric structures. Few officers in their career have ever had the opportunity to manage a flood, and those who have had to deal with it are not about to forget it.
CrueSim VR makes it possible to experience the passage of a flood on a large dam through a realistic simulation in full immersion.

The learner must identify and apply the flood set point, while dealing with events triggered in real time by the trainer!

For example, it's dark and the storm is in full swing, the upstream sensor freezes, the power supply from the factory is cut off and the generator is slow to start up .

The trainee still has to keep on managing the flood while answering the phone and dealing with hazards. Under these conditions, 20 minutes is enough to identify the trainee's ability to manage the situation!

During the debriefing, the trainer will then be able to suggest improvements to help boost his or her ability to manage events.

Crue Simulator VR offers active pedagogy and therefore a reinforced memorization.

Innovative & immersive virtual reality training

Experience the passage of a flood on a large dam, complete immersion in an ultra-realistic virtual world.

Pedagogical tool at the service
of the trainer

In this 360° simulation, disruptive elements (night, noise, telephone...) allow you to evaluate your decisions in real time, with the aim of improving them.

Learning by doing, enhanced memorization

By immersing you in real situations, experienced during floods, CrueSimulator is a perfect complement to the classic classroom training.

Do you want to digitalize your training
in virtual reality?

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