Since 2020, we've been building a number of immersive simulators for IFPEN, the French Petroleum and New Energies Institute.

The Emergency Instructions training course is made up of 10 modules such as :

  • The cause and consequences of fires
  • Fire propagation factors
  • The triangle and fire classes
  • The different extinguishers and how to handle them
  • Extinguishing media
  • Evacuation
  • Defibrillators and cardiac arrest management

The course includes theoretical videos prior to each situation.

The idea is to practice and trigger automatisms in emergency situations in everyday life, whether at work, at home or outside the workplace.

These modules stand out for their multi-platform compatibility (PC, wired headsets, standalone headsets, tablets), and the integration of a score feedback function on the group's LMS training platform.

Depending on the platform, the ergonomics of the device are adapted.

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