Numix in the Grand Albigeois magazine this month!

Article published in the magazine Grand Albigeois N°66 March-April 2021.

"In the Albigensian, there's a whole ecosystem around... of digital and new technologies".

Interview. "Jeff Sebrechts co-founded Numix with Amélie Raffenaud, an innovative company that offers training using virtual reality and video game techniques. They have just left the Granilia nursery in Gaillac to set up in the Albigensian territory".

How was born Numix?

"I worked in video games and Amélie worked in digital learning. We had the idea to develop together a range of digital training courses using video game techniques to make them captivating. Virtual reality arrived at the same time and we wanted to explore the potential of this technology. At the time, it was very innovative!
In 2015, we took part in a competition proposed by Enedis. We proposed a virtual reality training course and were the winners. From there, we started working for large companies. »

How does virtual reality add value to training courses?

"We are transported in a virtual environment that is close to reality, which allows us to simulate real-life conditions in complete safety. For example, EDF asked us to train its technicians to carry out a flood simulation on a hydroelectric dam. Under the virtual reality helmet, the agents are in a situation, it helps them concretely to prepare. If they make a mistake, they experience the accident without getting hurt. It also helps them realize that we are not infallible. »

Crue Simulator VR is a virtual reality training in the management of flooded hydroelectric structures.

"The covid crisis has affected us in the short term, but in return, the demand for digitalisation and e-learning has increased".

How has the company evolved in its seven years of existence?

"We've expanded our team to 12, plus trainees and apprentices. We have developed two separate activities: I deal with virtual reality and augmented reality, Amélie with the creation of attractive training modules, for example in the form of video games. For the past two years, we have also been developing a product that we will use internally to improve our creation process. The Covid crisis has affected us in the short term, but on the other hand, the demand for digitalisation and e-learning has increased, so we're fine.
We're planning new hires, hence our move to larger premises. »

You are about to join the Eco2Rieumas activity zone in Marssac sur-Tarn.
What attracted you to the Grand Albigeois area?

"The Eco2 Rieumas zone is very interesting because there is a whole ecosystem around digital and new technologies. We are moreover hosted by our future neighbours, Mecanumeric, while waiting for the delivery of our building at the end of the year. We will be able to develop projects together. There is also a good recruitment dynamic here. There is also a real microcosm around virtual reality and serious games, with several companies and the university
Champollion. Every year, we co-organize the Global Game Jam [a challenge where participants have 48 hours to create a video game], which is a lever for potential hires. Some of our employees are also involved at the university. »

Founded in 2014 by Jeff Sebrechts and his business partner Amélie Raffenaud, Numix specializes in the creation of Immersive and Digital Learning for its major corporate clients. Real digital twins, these industry -led immersive simulators are known for their technical and pedagogic quality. Forever looking for new challenges, our 15-strong team are developing tomorrow’s tools to revolutionize the training sector.

Jeff Sebrechts,
CEO @Numix

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