Virtual reality to learn a trade

It's pitch black. A storm is raging. The water level rises, clogging the hydroelectric dam that protects a beautiful Aveyron valley. As you try to stem the flood from the control room, the dam's power supply fails and the generator struggles to start up.

The water keeps coming... If you don't react, the valley will be flooded.

Can you feel the sweat beading under your virtual reality headset?
This disaster scenario has been brought to life in 3D by Numix, specialists in immersive digital education. The Tarn-based company has launched this virtual reality (VR) training module specifically for the technicians of a major French energy producer, who previously trained for flood risk with rather abstract software.

"When they put on their helmets, they're on the dam. They have to move around the site, adjust the gates, take readings, using easy-to-use two-button joysticks. The trainer can create stress factors from his computer: putting them to work at night with a headlamp, in the rain, in the snow, drying out an oil tank, rendering a coast sensor faulty.

It's so advanced that a trainer of trainers found himself trapped by it!" says Cyrielle Guimbal, Project Manager at Numix.

In situ. In a realistic virtual environment, Numix modules introduce learners to complex procedures such as managing gas leaks (created for SIG)...

Another advantage of virtual reality is that it enables precise control of the learner's performance. A module created by Numix for Geneva's industrial services simulates gas leak detection operations carried out by technicians.

The trainer can set the parameters down to the last detail, from the nature of the gas to its concentration level in the room. Employees' responses or actions are recorded on the trainer's computer and then discussed with the learner.

"All our virtual reality modules can be linked to the customer's learning management system, so that they can be integrated into the company's training program and employee follow-up.
It's not just VR for VR's sake. It's training and also evaluation, with score feedback", explains Benjamin Granier, Head of Communications at Numix.

Founded in 2014 by Jeff Sebrechts and his business partner Amélie Raffenaud, Numix specializes in the creation of Immersive and Digital Learning for its major corporate clients. Real digital twins, these industry -led immersive simulators are known for their technical and pedagogic quality. Forever looking for new challenges, our 15-strong team are developing tomorrow’s tools to revolutionize the training sector.

Jeff Sebrechts,
CEO @Numix

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