Enedis distribution network intervention simulator

With EMILY, Enedis has a virtual simulator for the
training of technicians working on electrical networks.

The learner is immersed in a 3D
environment that closely reproduces a distribution station and the tools
used by the technician. This simulator offers total freedom of action
for the learner in carrying out his intervention

If does not comply with the prevention/safety rules, it can
virtually be electrified or cause a short circuit.
Situations that are impossible to reproduce in conventional training.

Emily was designed for use in face-to-face training with a group of trainees. Whatever the pedagogical situation (discovery, learning, revision) the trainer retains a key role. It can offer many learning situations and vary equipment,
environmental elements and even trigger hazards.

Thanks to an artificial intelligence, all the actions carried out by the trainee are analysed in real time and notified to the trainer.
Thus he can both follow the current session and exchange with the other trainees.

The freedom of action offered by this new tool opens up an almost infinite range of scenarios and uses for training and maintaining the skills of Enedis technicians.

Do you want to digitalize your training
in virtual reality?

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