Immersive Fluair

Virtual reality training for Enedis, dedicated to the consignment and deconsignment of a Fluair 24G MV circuit breaker, is enhanced by ultra-realistic visuals and in-depth exploration of the High Voltage (MV) room.

Before plunging into the training scenario, the learner must self-assess his or her skills in order to precisely identify his or her needs. Our scenario offers a multitude of interactive situations where mistakes are allowed, giving the learner space to learn from his mistakes.

The main aim of this project is to familiarize learners with the correct procedures to follow in an HTA room. To reinforce the validation of their learning, quizzes are integrated into each stage of the training process to assess the learner's understanding. In addition, an interactive breadcrumb trail is set up to ensure that learners never get lost on their learning journey.

Immersive Tech 3.0
1st Prize NordMidi-Pyrénées

ERDF 2015
Smart Grid Competition

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