Industrial Pumps VR

Immersive training for industrial pumps maintenance

Industrial pumps VR is an immersive simulator to learn how to operate industrial pumps.

The request:

  • Tolearn technical and safety procedures on industrial pumps in order to train a large number of students without having to travel to the physical site.
  • Discover the industrial environment in a way that immersive
  • Tomeasure the relevance of virtual reality in training compared to other approaches.

Learning professional techniques in a realistic virtual environment

  • Creation of a complete industrial environment with a detailed interactive pump.
  • Designed for stand-alone VR helmets (Oculus Quest)
  • Multiplayer / cooperative mode.
  • Full simulation of a complex procedure.

Pedagogical tool at the service
of the trainer

  • Support for multiple scenarios.
  • Pedagogical report with precise monitoring of behaviour.
  • Train many people at the same time and collaborate without the extra travel costs and more.

Learning by doing, enhanced memorization

  • Train like in real life with a high-fidelity simulation of a complex procedure.
  • Progress through the process step by step with your peers and improve your knowledge through action.
  • Practice as many times as you need with unlimited scenario possibilities.

As part of a study conducted by our partner Lab'Innov, this immersive training was used on a panel of 43 students who answered a questionnaire:

  • 86% of learners reported learning better in virtual reality than in a lecture hall course.
  • 97.7% of learners were convinced by the multi-user mode and its pedagogical benefits.
  • 100% of learners preferred 3D virtual reality rather than a 360° photo-based approach.
  • More than 90%. of learners reported having:
    • An excellent / good learning experience.
    • Excellent / good pedagogical effectiveness.
    • Excellent / good user comfort.
    • Excellent / good user experience.

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