Vinci Energies VR

Vinci Energies VR is an immersive virtual reality simulator developed by Numix for the Vinci Energies group.

To date, five scenarios are available:

  • Scenario 1: Replacement of a false-ceiling luminaire.
  •  Scenario 2: Replacing a circuit breaker.
  • Scenario 3: Replacement of a fan coil unit.
  • Scenario 4: HV consignment.
  • Scenario 5: HV deconsignation.

These scenarios form part of a content library that is made available and enriched over time according to the training topics deemed relevant for immersion. The aim is to provide safe training on recurring procedures that may present a degree of risk that is difficult to reproduce in the real world. Each scenario concludes with educational films, in which real Vinci Energies technicians share their experiences of risk situations similar to those encountered by the learner in virtual reality.

Developed for stand-alone headsets, these modules have also been used to support the group's scaling-up, with the deployment of over 70 VR headsets to equip the various centers, along with teaching kits for trainers.

In fact, the success of a virtual reality training project depends on strong support from the trainers, who act as ambassadors for the approach among their teams. It is important to get staff acculturated to the technology.
For example, a detailed pedagogical and technical manual for using the module has been put in place to guarantee the fidelity and consistency of the training, regardless of who delivers it.

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